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Welcome to Singapore Shipping Corporation Limited (SSC) Investor Relations

Investor Relations Policy

We strive to engage our investors through a variety of channels. Principally, we communicate with shareholders during our Annual General Meetings where members of our board and senior management are in attendance and shareholders are given the opportunity to communicate their views on various matters affecting Stamford. We also actively engage shareholders through effective and timely disclosures on SGXNET, our annual report, news releases and statements, notices of general meetings, our corporate website and one-on-one meetings (on a case-by-case basis).

We are committed to providing timely, high quality information to our investors in accordance with our obligations under the rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited. Whether you are interested in key performance ratios, financial news and results, and all disclosures submitted through SGXNET, we hope that you will find what you need readily here. All disclosures are subject to review by senior management and our board of directors.

Shareholders are invited to direct any enquiries to us through the “Information Request” section of our corporate website. We will not respond to rumours unless such rumours indicate that material information has been leaked or they are false and inaccurate, whereupon we will promptly deny these rumours or issue clarification announcements on the SGXNET.

The Company recognises the importance of shareholder privacy and will collect, use and disclose personal information of shareholders in accordance with the Company's Shareholders Data Protection Policy.

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